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Making your garden pretty for free

Gardens are expensive but with a little effort, it is possible to get them looking pretty for free. It requires a bit of creative thinking but it really is possible to do it. You do need to be willing to put the effort in but the results will be worth it in the end. I have managed to make my garden over and it wasn’t totally free but it cost me less than £500 which is pretty impressive when you consider what I have done and how much of a jungle it was at the start.

What I started with:

I hadn’t touched my garden in well over two years when Covid became a thing and all of a sudden it became my only realistic outside space. It was awful and I had zero cash at the time so exploring options to make it pretty for free was something I needed to do.

To start with I basically spent a full weekend pulling up weeds and trees. It was that overgrown I actually had a mini tree growing through one of my tables! This was the hardest part. It was backbreaking but by the end of the weekend, I could see what I had to work with. It wasn’t a pretty sight but at least I had a blank canvas.

How I made it pretty for free (ish)

The first thing I did once I had cleared the garden was to scour the local Facebook pages to see what people were giving away for free. I managed to get myself some masonry paint and some tables and chairs which I was quite pleased with. My daughter was very happy when we got a large rabbit hutch for free as well.

I had decided by this point that I wanted to start growing my own fruits and vegetables but my garden has no soil. It is pure concrete so I needed to build some raised beds. I actually managed this without spending a penny! And they look pretty good if I do say so! You can see them on my Instagram page! (In fact, my whole life is on there if you want to be nosy!)

I also discovered that tyre shops are more than happy to give you the illegal tyres that they take off cars because it costs them to dispose of them. I had to promise that I wasn’t using it on a car, but once I said it was for a garden project they told me I could help myself! I took as many as I could fit in my car which was 8. Once I was home I painted them using left over paints, and then brought some clear outdoor varnish for less than £10 and put this on them. I then hung them on to my walls and put some perennial (stay alive longer than a season) plants into them like lavender.