Let's get Crafty

Crafts – a hobby with a purpose

I love crafts. I am not a naturally artistic person but I do enjoy them. I find it quite relaxing and therapeutic turning something old into something beautiful. The great thing about enjoying crafts is that it means I can create things for my home on a small budget, that make it unique and add personality. It also means that I am able to make gifts for the people that I care about. They don’t cost a fortune but I think they mean more because it shows that thought, love, and effort have gone into them.

I started doing different crafts when I separated from my husband in April 2019. I needed something to occupy my mind and keep me busy. I couldn’t go out as I had my daughter at home so I started making things. It was one of the best things I could have done for my mental health. It kept me focused and improved my self-esteem as I made pretty new things.

At first, it wasn’t anything exciting. I upcycled an old set of drawers to put in my newly decorated bedroom. They fell apart not long later, but that was age-related and not to do with my attempts at upcycling! I then decided to learn to crochet and I made a couple of blankets. One of them now lives in the car for my dog to sit on, and the other one keeps my Nan warm. I enjoyed crochet, and intend to try more adventurous things in the future.

I’ve also upcycled old car tyres, made planters out of pallets, discovered diamond art, and tried my hand at making soap. There are so many different crafts out there that it is true when they say there is something for everyone. I can honestly say I have discovered so many different crafts that I hadn’t even thought about before and I have them stored on my list of things to try.

I have no natural artistic talent so there have been as many failures as there have been successes and a few of the things I have created have my own ‘unique’ touch on them because no matter how much I tried I couldn’t replicate what I was seeing on the screen.