The Dream

Changing my plans for ‘The Dream’

Changing my plans for my dream has been difficult but ultimately I think changing them is the right decision for me and the business that I eventually plan to build myself. The ultimate goal of my dream has not changed. I still want to own a large plot of land where I can grow my own fruits to make country wines, and raise my own livestock. I want to be as environmentally friendly as possible and I want to be as self-sufficient as I can be as well. However, I am willing to be flexible on location and on whether I build my own house or buy land with a house already on it. I know if I do buy land with a property on it I would prefer a renovation project.

Changing my plans has mostly been financially motivated. I know my dream is important but I also need to be realistic and I need to ensure that whatever I do provides financial security for my little family. Land in the UK is expensive, even in Scotland. The cost of building is expensive as well. If I want to build a business I also need to consider the repercussions of Brexit, and the issues of trading with the EU now we aren’t a part of it. Scotland is also wet, and cold, and possibly not the ideal conditions for growing fruits to make into wine. It can definitely be done but it wouldn’t be easy.

If I move abroad I would be in the EU, meaning I have a lot more flexibility in trading should I really decide to develop the business. It’s also possible to get A LOT more for my money in other countries. The two that I am most interested in are France and Italy. Buying in both of these places is a lot cheaper, and the weather is nicer. It also lends itself to the opportunity of building an extra income stream through holiday letting as well. This would provide me with an income whilst I develop the wine and animal side of my business plans.