The Dream

Coventry Does Strictly fundraiser 2021

Coventry Does Strictly is a yearly event that raises money for Mind, the mental health charity. Ordinary people learn to dance and then put on two shows. As a huge fan of Strictly this is something that I have always wanted to do but this year is the first year that I have been able to participate so I am put myself down to raise some money for the charity.

My mental health took a huge hit when my marriage broke down in 2019, following the discovery that my husband had been having multiple affairs and then telling me I was imagining everything. It knocked my confidence on every level and left me doubting myself and my abilities. I can honestly say that I hit rock bottom. I now understand just how debilitating a mental health condition can be, and even more so, I understand the stigma that is still attached to these illnesses.

Thanks to the support of some amazing friends, my daughter, my dog and my allotment I have come out the other side and life is pretty good for me now. I still miss being married, I still don’t have the confidence to get back out there and I still have days when it feels overwhelming but as a general rule, I am quite happy with my life. I am looking to the future and working hard to achieve my dreams and goals.

I would love to help other people to recover from their own issues, and to get the support they desperately need. To help do this my Coventry Does Strictly challenge is one that people can sponsor me for. I wouldn’t ever plug for money for myself but this is for other people so if you would like to sponsor me I would really appreciate it!